Employee Magazine

The employee magazine is a channel that motivates and inspires employees, acting as a conversation starter by providing content that colleagues may not encounter through other comms channels.

As their purpose is to inform and motivate personnel, employee magazines obviously have an organization’s employees as their target group. Some companies do not limit the distribution of their internal magazine to current staff, but try to reach is many readers as possible:

There are plenty of topics that we consider how to help to provide a perfect magazine material.


Your communications budget is being wasted if your magazine isn’t getting results from the readers you’re targeting. Therefore, we survey our audience (and their employees) what they want from it.


The engineers and scientists may lap up complex terms and intricate product descriptions, but the client need all their staff – from the frontline to the office – to understand their products and processes.


Don’t let it become a sales brochure for the organization or a management mouthpiece that talks at people.


Behind the “what” lies motivating stories about the who, the how and the why. It would be interesting that staff hear what the people at the top have to say, but give your senior team the opportunity to read the views and concerns of your apprentices, graduates and new-starters – the next leaders of your business.


It’s the look and feel of a magazine that creates a first impression, so we make sure your cover and spreads are creative, impactful and inviting.


Aside from offering the quality aspects of lighting and sharpness, a professional photographer will bring creative compositions and dynamic angles to your images.


It’s important for the employees to feel motivated by good news, but they will also respond positively to an organization that confronts difficult business situations head on. These are the areas where employees need clarity and direction. The more your magazine offers a true reflection of your business – good and bad – the more believable your positive news will sound.


Getting a magazine out on time requires advance planning and an organized editor who can make quick decisions when you need a plan B for that two-page feature that falls through at the last minute. If everyone is aware of the schedule and what needs to be done on and by which date, you won’t go far wrong.


The way people prefer to communicate and receive information changes constantly. If you want your magazine to stay on their radar, you need to do something different every now and again.

Keep it positive, keep it light and keep it alive!

APC MEDIA LLC, 2152 Caper Dr.
Marietta, GA 30064, USA
APC MEDIA LLC, 2152 Caper Dr.
Marietta, GA 30064, USA